Pricing THIS and HELP protect YOUR right to choose a kitten raised in a loving home and NOT in a USDA facility!!!!

Under the guise of 'animal protection', the USDA and APHIS have set a regulation in place that takes away YOUR freedom to purchase a kitten or puppy from a reputible breeder. Help us take a stand against the loss of freedom in our country!!


When kittens are about 8 weeks old, they are evaluated as to pet, breed or show quality. Generally speaking, pet quality kittens start at $750 and up, with 'tiger' striped pet kittens starting at $1250 and up depending on how well they meet the Toyger standard. Breed quality Toygers start at $2250 and up when available, while show quality Toygers start at $3500 and up when available. All prices include 2 kitten shots, worming, spay/neuter, vet certificate (if traveling via cargo) and travel carrier.


Pet $750+
Pet - Tiger Striped $1250+
Breed $2250+
Show $3500+


Pet quality Toygers may be marbled, blue, too spotted, or long haired--all traits that are undesirable in a breeding program. These kittens are excellent pets as they are raised exactly the same as my other kittens, so they are loving and confident in their 'forever homes'.

Breed quality Toygers may include faults not allowed in the show ring, but they have excellent bloodlines and are capable of producing distinguished offspring. Non-showable faults include white tail tip, pink paw pads, lockets, and blue eyes.

Show quality Toygers exemplify the breed standards and are rarely available for sale.

In order for you to take home your very own sweet Toyger, we require a kitten contract. Please feel free to look over the contract and contact me with any questions prior to placing a deposit. I require $200 to hold a pet quality kitten and $500 for 'tiger' striped kittens. Show/Breed quality kittens are occasionally available to qualified people. Kittens will be spayed/neutered before leaving to their 'forever home' at about 12 weeks of age.

Shipping via air cargo is available from San Antonio International Airport and runs approximately $300.  Pet transportation is also available (kitties travel in-cabin with an experienced pet transporter who will meet you in the terminal) for $350 - this is our preferred option for kittens traveling without their new mom or dad.


I am now able to accept  payments for your convenience. Please contact me for more information about using this payment method.